Public Responsibility


In 2017, the NIU, Andorra Telecom’s business incubator/accelerator, established itself as a mainstay of the Andorran entrepreneurial ecosystem. A total of seven projects, all very different but with technology and innovation as their common guiding threads, were set up in the above centre, located in La Massana. The NIU has a network of mentors who steer the entrepreneur through the entire project and advisers who provide support in specific areas.

One of the cornerstones of Andorra Telecom’s company accelerator is financing. In November, in order to bring entrepreneurs into contact with potential investors, Andorra Telecom held the first NIU Demo Day, enabling a total of nine startups to submit their projects to a forum of fifty professionals from banking institutions, family offices, venture capital funds and business angels. The Demo Day led to the realisation of investments in four projects, three from the NIU and an external one, totalling 415,000 euros.

The NIU has bolstered its international presence by taking part in forums and meetings designed to raise awareness of not only the accelerator’s activity but also the opportunities Andorra has to offer tech companies.


Giving students tools to allow them to report cases of school bullying and offering them mediation are the chief objectives of the plan developed by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education with the support of Andorra Telecom.

The plan was launched by means of a pilot test at the Andorran Secondary Education School in Encamp. The partnership with Andorra Telecom means all the pupils at the school can use the B-resolt application on their phones for reporting potential cases of bullying and to arrange processes of mediation among peers. The initiative is also accompanied by specific training in the field for the teachers and educational psychologists at the school.

The application enables victims to notify three reference persons at the school and thus activate the intervention protocol. Moreover, the application seeks to promote the resolution of all kinds of conflicts by means of dialogue, with the supervision and monitoring of a teacher.


Under the guidance of Andorra Telecom, the fire service is incorporating innovative technology to locate missing persons during mountain rescues. Lifeseeker is a system designed to search for missing people, making it possible to detect mobile phones, identify them and determine their position and to provide a direct channel of communication with the person in question.

The system is chiefly installed in helicopters, permitting rapid and efficient searches in mountainous areas and regions which are difficult to access, even without a mobile signal.

Lifeseeker turns the mobile phone into an emergency beacon, capable of guiding the rescue teams. In addition to being able to locate a missing person’s mobile device, it provides short message services. It therefore provides the rescue teams with a channel of direct communication with the victim.

Jordi Farré, the assistant director of the fire service, is very grateful for the partnership with Andorra Telecom: “It has enabled us to incorporate cutting-edge technology.”

Social SMS

In 2017 five social entities from the country benefited from the numbers of the Social SMS project Andorra Telecom makes available to charitable associations. The public call to allocate the numbers was won by AMIDA, the Andorran Association for People with Functional Diversity, AUTEA, the Andorran Association for People Affected by Autism, Cooperand per Llatinoamèrica, Infants del món and Laika.

The five entities will have a three-digit fixed telephone number to raise funds. The amounts raised by all the SMS messages sent to the assigned numbers will go to the charities, in full and without any costs.

The recipients of the SMS used the income obtained with the support of Andorra Telecom for specific programmes conducted in Andorra.

The assigned numbers were as follows:

  • 601 AUTEA
  • 602 Cooperand
  • 603 AMIDA
  • 604 Infants del món
  • 605 Laika

Inclusive company

In 2017, Andorra Telecom took a step further in its commitment to offering job opportunities to people with disabilities, becoming the first company to join the Xarxa d’Empreses Inclusives(Network of Inclusive Companies). This project is an initiative of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Justice and the Interior and seeks to encourage the recruitment and permanent employment of individuals with disabilities in the same employment circuit as other professionals.

The agreement was reflected in the recruitment of the first two disabled employees, who provide their services at Andorra Telecom’s sales office.

For over 15 years, Andorra Telecom has collaborated with the employment programmes of the Nostra Senyora de Meritxell special education school. This cooperation has resulted in the incorporation of two individuals who perform administrative tasks. In addition, there are two more individuals with disabilities who carry out technical tasks at Andorra Telecom, recruited via traditional channels.

Partnership with the prison

The inmates of the prison perform paid jobs commissioned by Andorra Telecom, a measure aimed at promoting their re-entry into society and work. The partnership between the two parties was formalized by the signing of the agreement between Xavier Espot, Minister of Social Affairs, Justice and the Interior, and Jordi Nadal, Managing Director of Andorra Telecom.

The Minister emphasised that the work carried out at the prison is essential to the re-education and future re-entry of the inmates into the workplace and society, and that it provides them with useful skills for the future. He also referred to the fact that these types of initiatives are popular at the places they are sent to. As a result of the interest and the benefits arising from the initiative, it is hoped that other Andorran companies will join it.

As a result of another project included in the agreement, forty-five 45 phone cards will be provided for use in the prison’s phone booths. The phone cards will be distributed in accordance with social criteria and need by a social worker collaborating with the prison. The agreement underlines the fact that this donation helps to fulfil articles 36 and 38 of the penitentiary law establishing the right of inmates to communicate.