World Robotic Olympiad 2017

The World Robotic Olympiad (WRO) is an international educational robotics competition at which young people have the chance to learn and demonstrate their ability to solve problems by means of the Lego robotics platform.

Each year Andorra Telecom organizes the Andorran competition, which is increasingly popular among young people. The WRO promotes training in technological skills, teamwork and innovation, aspects in keeping with our company values.

In 2017 seven teams took part in the event held at Germans de Riba d'Ordino School. The WRO Andorra Telecom is divided into two categories: Elementary, for 7 to 12-year olds, and Junior High, for 13 to 15-year olds. The finalists in the Andorran competition can qualify for the Spanish rounds, the winners of which earn a place in the world final.

8th Video Game Salon

The Video Game Salonhas become one of the year’s unmissable events. Since the first time it was held in 2000, El Prat del Roure d’Escaldes-Engordany has uninterruptedly hosted the Andorra Video Game Party, an event organized by Andorra Telecom.

Each year, thousands of fans of electronic games take part in the activities organized by the Salon, which has numerous stands with the latest games on the market and a wide range of platforms. In addition, each year the organization prepares on-site and online tournaments, with hundreds of players taking part.

The latest Salons have welcomed celebrity visitors, such as several YouTubers specializing in the most popular games. The 2017 Salon was attended by sTaXx, TheGrefg, byAbeel and Thetoretegg, true mass phenomena with millions of subscribers to their YouTube channels.

The fourth Business Forum 2017

The fourth Business Forum was a meeting point for professionals interested in customer experience, business digitization and information security. More than 150 people attended the different talks at the forum, which addressed the future challenges of global companies in general and particularly those based in Andorra.

Jordi Nadal, Managing Director of Andorra Telecom, opened the seminar by stressing the need for companies to adapt to the new “digital culture” and review the customer relationship in a “different ecosystem” resulting from “the very rapid changes we are witnessing”. In his address, Nadal referred to the role Andorra Telecom should play in promoting the digitization of companies and expressly mentioned the transition to fibre optic, which is scaling the network for future challenges. “It provides a solid basis on which companies can build their own digital platforms.” Nadal also mentioned Niu, the company incubator/accelerator created by Andorra Telecom to encourage the founding and growth of startups within the digital ecosystem.

The first talk was given by Andrés Martínez, Senior Manager at Deloitte, on the need for companies to use the tools provided by digitization to optimize customer experience. Marcelo Manta, head of the business development of innovative solutions in Spain and Latin America at Accenture, then defended the need to adapt all the company’s processes to digitization in as streamlined a manner as possible, from the cultural change of the workers to the marketing.

The seminar ended with a three way calling on cybersecurity involving three of the members of Andorra Telecom’s security team: Cèsar Marquina, Director of Security and Control, David Julián, Fraud and Security Engineer, and Enric Castellet. Head of Internet Access, Connectivity and Operational Security.

International #Conand congress

The first international Conand congress on information security, promoted by Andorra Telecom, was a great success. The event was intended to promote and stimulate the exchange of knowledge about security. Around fifteen speakers specializing in the field took part in the congress, held in early February at the Congress Centre in Andorra la Vella.

This major event was aimed at very a broad audience: businesspeople and professionals with expertise in ICT security, professionals from the world of law and members of the judiciary, specialist law enforcement officers, banking sector directors and families.

The informative nature of the congress was reinforced by the free admission and the undertaking to raise awareness among young people. The attendees were satisfied with the talks and the educational workshops designed for parents, teenagers and children on responsible and safe use of the Internet.

The Rubik’s Cube Championship

Each year Andorra Telecom and Pyrénées organize the national Rubik’s Cube Championship, an event which forms part of the international calendar of the World Cube Association.

A total of 58 people, mostly children and young people, took part in the second edition of the tournament. The competition includes different categories of puzzles (the traditional 3x3x3, the pocket 2x2x2, the 4x4x4 and the pyramid), as well as more spectacular variations, such as solving the cube blind or with one hand.

The winner was Carlos Carneros from Spain with a time of 8.63 seconds, while Arnau Ferrer headed the classification of Andorran participants.

Andorra Quantum Valley

On 27 November, Andorra Telecom, in partnership with ISACA, the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, organized a seminar on quantum computing. Quantum physics enables us to gain control of individual atoms, an aspect which, transferred to computing, permits a power of calculation we could never have imagined.

Cesar Marquina, Director of Security and Control at Andorra Telecom, took part as a speaker and stated that the company is currently studying the potential future impact on the market in terms of telecommunications and information privacy.

The seminar was attended by more than fifty professionals from different sectors interested in this technology.