Tourists and seasonal

Season Package

The Season package was added to our fibre catalogue during the year. This new package was designed for seasonal workers and customers with second homes who require Internet access for between one and six months in the pre-paid mode.

In order to adapt to the needs of the above visitors (seasonal workers and tourists) during times of high demand (January, July, August and December), we prepared an initial special offer for the pre-paid mobile kit, at €15 instead of €30. We thus managed to reduce the entry barrier and make the product more attractive.

Andorra Wifi

Connectivity in the country’s main towns is guaranteed by the Andorra Wi-Fi network, which provides more than 130 access points allowing free Internet access throughout the Principality with unbeatable service quality.
It is installed in the main shopping areas and the towns with the largest tourist populations in the parishes.

Users of Andorra Wi-Fi, in figures:

  • The main users of this Internet access network are from Spain (60%), followed by Andorra, France, Russia, England, Portugal and other countries.
  • Men (55%) use the network slightly more than women (45%).
  • The operating system which most uses our network is iOS (50%), followed by Android (48%) and other operating systems (2%).
  • More than 200,000 users have connected to it.