Telephony and Internet

Companies’ connectivity and data volume requirements led us to eliminate the download ceiling. Fibre packages for companies now have domestic and international flat rates instead of the 500GB of Internet traffic.

The corporate voice network (virtual PBX) is the professional telephony solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses, offering an affordable service for communications including fixed telephony, mobile telephony and Internet access.

The migration of all the virtual PBX customers to the new platform was completed during the year, allowing them to enjoy new features (welcome announcements, Hunt Group, Auto-Attendant, call tracking, etc.).

In order for all our customers to enjoy options suited to their needs, the mobile offer was unified to include the old business plans in the current Mobiland package. This change allowed us to prepare an offer more in keeping with the current use cases and thus meet the needs of the country’s entrepreneurs.

Data Storage

Som Cloud is the solution which enables companies to house their data in a secure and optimal manner. Throughout 2017, in view of the demands from the business world to have data backup solutions, we developed a solution called Veam Cloud Connect, which means backups of companies’ data can be autonomously made in the cloud (Som Cloud) and hosted in the national territory.

The Arans Data Center provides E-suite and E-room solutions. The E-suite solution is designed for enclosed spaces where customers can install their racks. The growth of Cloud solutions is making this solution less and less attractive.

E-room solutions involving rack rentals are more useful, as they merge perfectly with physical and Cloud solutions and offer a hybrid package, which is one step away from having everything hosted in the Cloud.

The creation of the new Data Center in La Massana, with customer-dedicated cube solutions, may open up a useful gateway for companies.

Fleet Management

The fleet management service is the geolocation solution for controlling and managing fleets of vehicles. The vehicles, equipped with a geolocation GPS device with a SIM card, send information on positioning, speed, stops, alerts, etc. to the platform.

By the end of 2017 we extended the geographical coverage of our devices to almost all European countries (countries in roaming area 1).


The Andorra Wi-Fi network provides the country’s companies with the chance to place digital advertising of their businesses on the access portal of this free Wi-Fi service. When a user connects to the Andorra Wi-Fi network, advertisements of the above companies appear on the access portal. This digital marketing service allowed us to offer more than 5,000,000 advertising impacts to residents and visitors in 2017 (+25% versus 2016). This increase reflects that more and more companies are opting for this advertising solution.