Financial statements



22.1 Commitments and contingencies in relation to third parties

The Company received a ruling in its favour in respect of a legal claim against a third party amounting to 342,782 euros, and in February 2013 presented a claim for costs. During 2015 the Company issued a further demand in respect of this claim. At the end of the reporting period there had been no significant change with respect to this claim.

The Company also has several open legal claims against insolvent customers.

22.2 Environmental matters

The Company has a policy of minimising the environmental impact of its activities and protecting and improving the environment, including reducing or preventing pollution from its future operations.

The Company did not make any material environmental investments, and it was not considered necessary to recognise any provisions for environmental risks and expenses as there were no contingencies related to possible lawsuits, compensation payments or other similar items. The Company also has insurance policies and safety plans that provide reasonable cover for any possible contingency that could arise from its environmental activities.

22.3 Data Protection

Law 15/2003, of 18 December, on the protection of personal data, regulating protections and guarantees concerning the handling and use of personal details, the fundamental rights of individuals and, in particular, the privacy thereof, came into force on 4 February 2004.

The Company used a range of files containing personal data prior to the date on which Law 15/2003 came into force. For the purposes of ensuring compliance with said Law and to guarantee maximum transparency in the handling of personal data, acting on the proposal submitted by the Company’s Board of Directors, on 8 February 2006 the Government approved a decree regulating the personal data files held by the Company. This Decree was replaced by a new Government Decree published on 25 March 2009 regulating the personal data files held by the Company.

22.4 Remuneration paid to members of the governing bodies

(Euros) Executive Committee Board of Directors (*)
Remuneration for 2017 (gross) 660.597 39.454

(*) In accordance with article 19 of the Company’s bylaws, the posts of chairman, vice chairman and director are unpaid when held by an elected politician or an employee of a government authority, Andorra Telecom, S.A.U., or any government-owned company. The post of director held by any person not included in section 1 is unpaid, unless otherwise agreed by the General Meeting.