Empowering the Customer experience

The creation of the new Customer Experience department at the end of 2016 allowed for the consolidation of a new management model throughout 2017, one that places the user at the centre of our activity. This new model allows us to detect customer expectations in each of the points where they interact with the organization, and it allows us to compare them with our offer and service. Therefore, it allows us to identify how we can improve each contact point and set up initiatives in order to adapt to customers’ expectations and needs.

The focus on the customer is designed to improve their perception of the company and strengthen our brand, thanks to the improvement of processes and the creation of new services and innovative experiences.

Customer Service

In 2017, Andorra Telecom’s sales office attended to a total of 74,907 customers. The average waiting time was 2 minutes and 51 seconds, and an average of 10 minutes and 15 seconds were spent on each customer. The expansion of the service to include Saturday mornings has been completed, with an average of 48 customers attended to. The agency has also included a Happyornot device so that users can evaluate their level of satisfaction with the service received.

In terms of our Call Centre, our 115 number received a total of 215,145 calls in 2017, 81.9% of which were responded to in less than 20 seconds. Most of the queries processed, two thirds, involved the management of customer services. In one year, the centre processed a total of 2,250 emails sent to the email address info@andorratelecom.ad and it also processed calls resulting from customers’ use of the website www.andorratelecom.ad and its “call me back” function.

Digital Channels


With the launch of the new platform in June 2017, the launch of Andorra Telecom’s commercial website was consolidated as an important channel for interaction with customers. Throughout 2017, www.andorratelecom.ad received a total of 226,178 sole users, which represents an increase of 7.7% compared to the previous year. In addition, the customer zone is used more and more to check consumption, bills or to change products and services. A total of 20,928 customers were registered on 31 December.

Andorra Telecom’s internet presence was completed with a specific corporate website,www.andorratelecom.com, which serves as a showcase for all the news that the company generates, as well as any corporate events, sponsorship or information.


In 2017 the application established itself as an essential tool for users. Throughout the year, a total of 15,000 downloads were recorded following the launch date (October 2016), with about 11,000 active users each month.

We should highlight the incorporation of new features, such as the possibility of recharging pre-paid cards or subscribing to daily roaming or extra data plans. The graphic presentation of the consumption of mobile plans was also updated, and this feature was added to pre-paid cards, allowing users to check their remaining balance and the expiry date in the “My mobile” section.

Finally, the television remote control function via the mobile app was also improved, permitting users to control the volume and enable rapid channel change mode on the app’s interface.